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  • Elegant musk scent that’s versatile and perfect for any occasion.
  • Recommended to use a dedicated brush for this soap
  • Incredibly creamy, dense lather
  • Superlative slickness
  • Excellent post-shave feel
  • Chrome Plated for Luxurious Shine
  • Close Comb Razor , beginner friendly
  • Comes with cleaning cloth and 10pc razor blade
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Brass Handle with Zinc Alloy Head
  • Come with 7pieces of sample shaving soap which are
  • 45th Parallel, Bay Rum, Land Ho!, Lime, Nor’easter, Sandalwood, and Venture shaving soaps.
  • Each soap sample is 7grams
  • designed for brushless shaving
  • for ultra rapid shaving
  • shave precisely for outlining beard or moustache
  • enriched with almond oil
  1. Medium / Soft Tynex Bristle
  2. Sleek Design
  3. Comes with plastic protect for travelling protection
  • Light and nourishing
  • Non-greasy
  • Moisturizing and soothing with jojoba oil, kokum butter,
  • Retain moisture with hyaluronic acid
  • Leave your skin feeling calm, soft, and supple all day long
  • 60ml
  • Made in USA

* One of the highest grade Platinum Razor Blade from Baili

* Stainless Steel Blades coated with high quality platinum

* Comes in hangable cardboard

* 5pc blades per box x 2

* Environmental Friendly Paper packaging