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Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, Proraso has been innovating professional highest-quality products in the shaving world for generations, and has evolved to become a staple of Italian culture. From the first Pre-Shave cream in 1948, to now, the Martelli family principles hold true: to create professional, quality products that deliver a pleasurable and impeccable shave, in the barbershop and at home.

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  • Removing impurities and dead cells
  • Light fragrance of eucalyptus, mint and rosemary
  • Extremely fine almond granulate and hazelnut shell, extremely gentle to the skin
  • Creamy texture, leaving softer hair and supple skin after exfoliating.
  • May also be used as a daily facial scrub, whether you have a beard or not.
  • 100ml of Exfolitaing Paste
  • Made in Italy