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Razorock Mamba (53 / 70) 316L Stainless Steel Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor Made in Canada
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Why you would want the RazoRock MAMBA:

1)Best build quality in the business. CNC milled from 316L stainless steel billet to tolerances of two thousands of an inch, no other manufacturer compares, no blade fiddling and perfect blade alignment every time! The handle on the Mamba is machined from Grade 2 titanium.

2)Built for a LIFETIME of use. Unlike inexpensive cast alloy razors, the MAMBA is built to last forever! Buy it once, buy it right!

3)316L stainless steel is marine grade and is very resistant to staining and rusting, as is the Grade 2 titanium handle.
Perfect for Head Shaving. The safety of the MAMBA design is unmatched and this means you can even safely head-shave with it.

4)The MAMBA makes the perfect gift, how many gifts last forever and get used every single day. The MAMBA is a gift that will never be forgotten!

5)The MAMBA uses standard Double-Edge razor blades which cost as little as $0.05/each! Stop wasting money on $3-4 plastic cartridge razors that go straight into our landfills.

The RazoRock Mamba head is precisely CNC machined from 316L stainless steel billet in Ontario, Canada, on a state-of-the-art five-axis machine.

The handle on the Mamba is a new and unique design. CNC turned out of Grade 2 titanium rod, this special new 100 mm handle gives the Mamba the perfect balance in your hand.

Finish: Please note, these razors are tools, not jewels. We use a vibratory tumbling finish process which maintains the highest possible tolerances for the razors. This means the razors will not be mirror finished and will not be mark-free. The razors may have some milling marks or finishing marks. The razors can always be jewelry polished by the client later but our goal is to sell the razor at the best possible tolerances and lowest possible price.

PRO TIP: With razors like the Mamba, where the blade alignment pins are on the base/guard plate, load the DE blade onto the base/guard plate and then put on the top cap. See the last two photos on the left-hand side for a visual.

Blade Gap: 0.70 mm / 0.53mm

Weight :~91 grams

Blade Exposure: ~0 to +0.01 mm (I say roughly because of blade width variances)

Head Material: 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Handle Material : Grade 2 Titanium Rod

Type : Mamba 53 (Very Mild) / Mamba 70 (Mild)

Each Razor is engraved with a unique serial number

We are Razorock Exclusive Distributor for Malaysia & Singapore


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