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Razorock Entry Level Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor From Canada
Price RM71.50 - RM102.00
Brand RazoRock
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Razorock entry level safety razor are selected based on their vast years of experience and knowledge within the wet shaving community , adding on to their attention to details and also providing the best value for money products within the wet shaving market!

All Razorock razors are carefully selected and go through stringent quality checks and control before being approved for market.

Razorock Quick-Change (Butterfly Razor)
Our RazoRock Quick-Change DE razor (AKA - Butterfly Razor) is high quality and makes blade changes are a cinch with this turn-to-open design and best of all...the shave is gentle and easy, insuring that even wet behind the ears,newbie wet shavers will leave the bathroom without tiny pieces of toilet paper on their faces. The RazoRock Quick-Change DE has beautiful mirror-like chroming and feels substantial in your hand at 68 grams. This might be the best MAN-GIFT ever.

How to Change the Blade:
1. Turn the knob at the button of the razor handle to the left and the two doors on the head open.
2. Unwrap a new DE blade and carefully drop it over the center bar.
3. With the DE blade properly seated in the head, turn the knob at the button of the handle to the right and the two doors on the head will close. Do not over-tighten the the knob.

TO CLEAN, loosen the doors and rinse under warm water, there is no need to remove the blade.

Material: Chrome plated alloy
Handle length: 85 mm
Overall length: 95 mm
Weight: 68 grams

Razorock ADJUST Butterfly Safety Razor
Let's call a spade a spade. The RazoRock ADJUST is a butterfly door adjustable razor designed and built to offer high value with good built quality and chroming.
The RazoRock ADJUST has butterfly doors that are opened and closed using the knob at the bottom of the razor handle; this makes for easy blade changing. There are basically three settings to the razor. Using the adjustable knob near the top of the handle, you can start by aligning the dot on the knob to the reference dot on the handle. This is the medium setting for shavers that want efficiency that isn't too mild but also not too aggressive. If you turn the knob one quarter to the left, the razor will shave milder, if you turn one quarter to the right, the shave will be more aggressive. It's really as simple as that!

Material: Chrome plated alloy
Handle Length - 105mm
Overall Length - 115mm
Weight - 98g

Razorock Teck II Safety Razor
The most popular vintage safety razor on the market, is the Gillette Tech. The Gillette is loved because it's a very mild shaver and great shaver. The RazoRock TECK II is inspired by the Gillette Tech but with modern day improvements to make the shave more efficient. The RazoRock version also has thicker chroming and increased weight.

Material: Chrome plated alloy
Weight: ~102grams
Handle Length: 110 mm

Any of the above razor purchase comes with 25 piece razor blades :
5pc Rapira Platinum Lux
5pc Rapira Swedish Steel
5pc Voskhod
5pc Astra Green
5pc Astra Blue


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