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Razorock Wunderbar Slant Titanium Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor Made in Canada
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RazoRock Wunderbar Slant Razor

The RazoRock Wunderbar is the next evolution of our slant razor product.

We knew that for this razor we wanted the blade tabs to be covered. This meant that the machining tolerances had to be VERY accurate (read: no blade play). Without the blade tabs exposed, there would be no way to wiggle the blade into place, it had to be a perfect fit, every time. The head is machined to two-thousandths of an inch to achieve this; each top cap and base plate has to be mated together manually because the tolerances are so exact, even a thousandth of an inch here or there makes a difference.

The razor is finished using a 3 stage, 3 media, 24 hour, special vibratory tumble process. It's what's called a "Fine Finish", somewhere between a matte finish and a high polish finish. A lot of thought was put into the finish of the razor because we needed a process that would not change the ultra-tight machining tolerances and would also make the finish consistent throughout the entire head (both outside and underside). Hand polishing was not an option because too much material would need to be taken and it would cause major inconsistencies. Our finish gives the razor a nice "finished-tool like" appearance and also makes the head very easy to clean.

Finish: Please note, these razors are tools, not jewels. We use a vibratory tumbling finish process which maintains the highest possible tolerances for the razors. This means the razors will not be mirror finished and will not be mark-free. The razors may have some milling marks or finishing marks. The razors can always be jewelry polished by the client later but our goal is to sell the razor at the best possible tolerances and lowest possible price.

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