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Wet Shaving Hands On Tutorial , Learn What our Dad did not Teach You!


My name is Seng Hoe, your Wet Shaving Connoisseur! I created Charmwise with the goal of providing shavers in Malaysia what their Dad did not teach them! Wet Shaving!

Shaving has always been a routine for most of us, and we Malaysian would definitely start off our shaving journey by either a cartridge razor by big brand or going to the eletric shaver route. But have you ever wonder why shaving has been such a boring, mundane and most of the time irritation prone affair?



For starters, Cartridge razor has been created by Gillette during the industrial age (circa 1970s) as a convenient tool for shavers, as most men at that time will be busy earning a living than spending time in their toilet shaving. Surprise! The safety razor was one of the earliest tool created by founder of Gillette, King C. Gillette during the 1900s, a truly tried and tested 'T' shaped tool to hold a sharpen stamped steel blade, that provides the closest shave as a straight razor would provide.

So Why was safety razor so unheard of in Malaysia? Capatilism? Economic? Fear of Cutting one self? Most probably a combination of everything! Our country was thrown right into the industrial age right after WW2 and Independence from the British Empire. Straight razors was still the go to especially in the barbershop but again, convenience and mindset of a person at those time are more towards earning enough to feed their family than bothering about getting the best shave of their life!


I myself have been an shaver all these years, started with the Mach 3 cartridge razor , went through the electric shaver phase, but one thing is for sure. Irritation and unsafisfactory shave every single time.Thanks to Google, I took the plunge into wet shaving and the rest was history! 

I understand how difficult it is to convince someone why they should try wet shaving, that is the reason why I have created a powder room at our showroom in Puchong to give people the opportunity to try out what wet shaving is about and whether it is as scary as it sounds(It is NOT!). Check out FMT journalist on his experience in our powder room 

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